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What is Apex Job Tracker?

Apex Job Tracker is a system that was created to streamline production control in any manufacturing shop.

This system works through an intelligent application, Its function is to count good pieces and bad pieces of a job that a machine is doing.

Digital and Physical Device

The physical device is a Tablet with all the pre-installed apps needed to use the Apex system, plus we offer the apps separately for users to use on their own devices.

Piezas en Batch o lotes de producción

Este dispositivo además de poder digitar pieza por pieza puede registrar múltiples piezas a la vez.

Real Time Data

This application sends information in real time when a button is pressed.

How does it work?

With the data generated by the applications, you can start calculating the program's formulas and can see them in real time within the web application.

Within the web application Jobs and the processes involved in each job can be registered, as well as the materials that are going to be used.

You can record information about the workshop machines, machine operators and the shifts of those operators.

Estimated delivery date calculation. During data collection, formulas can estimate the completion date and time of active jobs.

What is Apex Tools Management?

Apex Tools Management is a tool inventory and management system for any manufacturing shop.

This system works through software and its main function is the management of tools associated with production processes. The system comes as a desktop application for any operating system or an application for mobile devices.
Apex Tools Management is compatible with our Job Tracker systems

Inventory of tools with
Data-driven analysis.

We can offer Process Analysis to evaluate machining performance, calculation of cutting data such as RPM, Torque and Power, average tool life for a specific job, artificial intelligence to know which tool is best for a job and much more.

Apex Job Tracker Pricing

Prices valid only in Costa Rica. For companies in other countries please quote by mail: info@thesmartmetrics.com

Select your Apex Job Tracker plan

*Physical devices will be quoted according to the client's needs


Annuity: $700

1-25 Devices.
Cloud Server.

Installation: $220

Physical Devices: $25 p/d + *

App Devices: $25 p/d


Annuity: $800

26-50 Devices.
Cloud Server.

Installation: $280

Physical Devices: $20 p/d + *

App Devices: $20 p/d


Annuity: $1000

51-100 Devices.
Cloud Server.

Installation: $280

Physical Devices: $15 p/d + *

App Devices: $15 p/d


Annuity: $1200

Unlimited devices.
Physical or cloud server.

Installation: to quote

Server: to quote

Physical Devices: to quote

App Devices: to quote

Apex Tools Management Pricing

Tools Management

Prices: Coming Soon

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